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Metallic Epoxy in Tellico Village Tennessee

Tellico Village is a picturesque, planned community located along the shores of Tellico Lake. Known for its beautiful landscapes, active lifestyle, and strong sense of community, Tellico Village is a desirable place for retirees and families alike.

Living in Tellico Village, TN

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Residents of Tellico Village enjoy an active and vibrant lifestyle with access to numerous recreational activities, including boating, golfing, and hiking. The community offers a range of amenities, local businesses, and social clubs, fostering a strong sense of belonging.

Zip Codes in Tellico Village, TN

  • 37774

      Local Attractions and Activities

      • Parks and Recreation: Tellico Lake, Tellico Village Yacht Club, and Toqua Golf Course.
      • Cultural and Historical Sites: Fort Loudoun State Historic Park and the Tellico Village Library.
      • Events and Festivals: Tellico Village Art Show, Regatta Week, and various community events.

      Schools and Education

      • Public Schools: Loudon County Schools serve the Tellico Village area.
      • Private Schools: Loudon County Christian Academy.
      • Higher Education: Roane State Community College.

      Local Businesses and Amenities

      Real Estate and Housing

      • Housing Market Overview: A mix of single-family homes, lakefront properties, and townhouses.
      • Types of Homes: Single-family homes, condos, and waterfront properties.
      • Average Home Prices: The average home price in Tellico Village is around $350,000.

      Transportation and Accessibility

      • Public Transportation: Limited public transportation; most residents use personal vehicles.
      • Major Roads and Highways: Accessible via US-321 and TN-444.
      • Proximity to Major Cities: Approximately 40 minutes from Knoxville.

      Community Services

      • Libraries: Tellico Village Library.
      • Community Centers: Tellico Village Welcome Center and recreation facilities.
      • Emergency Services: Loudon County Sheriff’s Office and local fire department.

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